Works on Paper at the Cameo Picturehouse

Untitled (Collage), 2011

Untitled (Collage), 2011

Happy 2013!

It’s been a long time since I’ve made an actual post on this website, (although the artwork pages have been regularly updated) and this New Years resolution is to try to be more disciplined in that respect!

2013 starts off for me with a nice wee exhibition in the Cameo Cinema in Edinburgh. Although I always say ‘I make sculpture’ if anyone asks what kind of work I make (Sometimes they do!), I have amassed quite a selection of collages and drawings over the past couple of years that were sadly being tucked away in my studio. The exhibition also includes the beginning of a new series of works on paper that I have started that is inspired by NASA and Hubble telescope pictures of Nebulae, and uses chalk pastel to get the right effects.

The Work is on show from the 8th January – 5th February, so if you’re in the Tollcross area you should pop in, the bar serves mulled wine and the cinema has a great program of films, including a season of Hitchcock films every Sunday, so there’s no excuse really!

And in other news, the padded boiler suit is on, making me immune to the penetrating cold in my studio space, and planning is under way for an upcoming residency, where I plan to make a very large sculpture installation involving bronze, reclaimed bricks and an oil lamp. Very exciting…

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